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YouTube--the Hydraulic Press

May 26, 2016


Now Starring on YouTube--the Hydraulic Press

The Hydraulic Press Channel is now the eighth most popular YouTube channel in Finland. It was founded by Lauri Vuohensilta, who spends part of his time in family-owned machine shop.

He is also a competitive power lifter, which might explain why he said, “I like to crush things for fun and I am also quite curious to see what happens to different things under the press.”

The Hydraulic Press Gets Famous

His videos on YouTube have gained an international audience, well beyond hydraulic press owners and operators. The 29-year-old Vuohensilta makes videos as he and the family hydraulic press crush golf balls, hockey pucks and mobile phones.

He does it with style, commenting as he crushes. And his followers love it. More than 500,000 fans have watched as he pulverizes, crushes, squashes and pulps a variety of everyday items. He occasionally will crush by request, but as a rule trusts his own instincts about the best objects for pressing.

The Press

Vuohensilta currently uses a 100-ton hydraulic press. This is what the family business uses to make parts for hydropower plants.

The press was getting used just two or three times a month. In his idle moments, he contemplated the idle press. He started wondering how well it would squash a pineapple. Vuohensilta was already a fan of other exploding and crushing YouTube channels.

Thus it all came together, and he and his press are the new YouTube crushing stars.

Bigger Press

Just like many machine shop owners, Vuohensilta dreams of getting a bigger press. His goal is to create a 1000-ton hydraulic press and using it outside. That way he couldn’t inadvertently set the shop on fire if something exploded during the crush. Audience members are egging him on to crush a lithium ion battery, but he isn’t sure if it is safe with the present setup.

His ideal would be to crush an iPhone, using 1000 tons of pressure. He wants to “crush it to one-tenth of its original bigness,” compared to what he might accomplish with his 100-ton press. He feels that “today’s mobile phones are so thin and dense, that 100 tons wouldn’t crush them properly.”

Always honing his craft, just like hydraulic press operators around the globe, Vuohensilta has a goal to get the perfect press to make an iPhone “go very flat.”

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