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Buy the Best Shop Press Using These Tips

November 29, 2022

The modern shop press is among the oldest machines used in the machining and manufacturing industry. They have come a long way due to research and continual development. This research and improvement has made today’s shop presses far more precise, efficient, and powerful. Up to meeting the needs of the biggest industrial user, right down to minute and delicate tasks performed by a jeweler or medical manufacturer; today’s hydraulic presses can do it all!
So how do you go about choosing the right hydraulic press for your production line or shop? Take a quick read through our tips and find out how!


Because of the huge number and diversity of applications that shop press operators perform nowadays, being able to cash in on your creativity and use your press to your advantage is a big advantage. Choosing a shop press that will make it easier to perform your tasks is critical. If you need a small press with high tonnage, don’t settle for the opposite! An exceptional shop press manufacturer will be able to customize your hydraulic shop press to your exact needs.


A hydraulic press can very easily be customized and built to suit the exact needs of your business. Because tonnages, operating pressures, ram speeds, and other settings need to be adjustable, finding a shop press with adjustability will give you the flexibility that you need to maximize production and reduce operating times. That can save you money! Consider a combination hydraulic press.

Accuracy and Precision

Quality and precision matter. Finding a press with adjustable power features and lateral movement controls will make the job easy for your press to minimize and control slight variances caused by an unbalanced load.


Compared to a mechanical press, a hydraulic shop press will perform at a much higher level. With control panels, hydraulic presses can be set to meet exact details of each project. That increases your accuracy and allows for consistency when running a large number of pieces.

Cost Effectiveness

Save space and use a hydraulic press! Shop presses take up less floor space than mechanical presses. Another valuable point worth noting is the fact that all of Pressmaster’s hydraulic presses are made with readily available parts. That means if you need a part, you’ll easily find it at your local hydraulics shop. No long wait time for overseas shipments and no terrible customer service trying to find the right part for the right machine. Take a look at Pressmaster’s complete line of hydraulic presses!