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Why now is a great time to invest in new machinery

April 28, 2022

No matter the industry, post recession is a great time to pick up bargain machinery from the companies that didn’t survive the downturn. Machine dealers are packed to the rafters with all manner of machines that have been bank repossessed or won at auction. It sounds too good to be true. Simply saunter along to your nearest machinery dealer and pick out what you want.

If it sounds too good to be true—chances are it is.

It’s actually quite difficult to find the H-frame hydraulic press or C-frame hydraulic press that exactly fits your needs. Picking out a used hydraulic press can be daunting and very time consuming—there are so many factors to consider:

  • Age of the machine
  • Condition
  • Operating history relative to age
  • Has it been well looked after
  • Does it come with a warranty
  • How much is it likely to cost you each year in servicing or repairs

The best advice is to consider investing in a new hydraulic press. By working with a company that can build a machine to your exact specifications and dimensions, you will get the perfect machine and save time. And we all know that time is, in fact, money.

Machinery Values are known internationally as a leading manufacturer and supplier of outstanding hydraulic presses. Built entirely with components that are freely available across North America, the company’s machines are well built, long lasting and represent excellent value for money.

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