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Workplace injury are so costly

November 2, 2022

Psst! Know what one of the largest avoidable expenses from a monetary and time standpoint in a small machine, wood/metal shop is?


Workplace injury are so costly.

Not only is a workplace injury an awful event for one of your employees to suffer, but the injury will no doubt also cause some machine downtime and production slowdown. And then, of course, you need to replace the injured employee...either temporarily or permanently...and we bet your insurance will go up, too.

Luckily, across North America there are safety guidelines that have been drawn up to minimize the risk of accidents in the workplace. Some of the key guidelines are:

What to Wear:
Steel-toed shoes or boots are required in the vast majority of machine shop settings, as are safety goggles for machine operatives. Loose clothing is strictly forbidden for machine operatives, so scarves and ties are not allowed and shirts must be tucked in.

First aid:
All employees must know where the first aid station is, and it is also beneficial for them to know what basic steps they can take in case of a medical emergency. In addition, employees should be aware of the location of and how to properly use an eye wash station.

Safety zones:
Many workshop floors have designated safety zones—especially around large machines or other areas that are potentially dangerous. These areas must be clearly marked so that employees and visitors know to stay away.

Maintain machinery in good-working order:
By keeping machinery in good working order, many potential workplace injuries can be avoided. As machines age, though, it becomes harder to maintain them and steps should be taken to replace them with newer machines.

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